The weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse and suddenly the early mornings and late nights seem a whole lot colder. It’s time to wrap up warm in our hats and scarves but it’s also a good idea to change what food we fill our lunch boxes with. That cool chicken Caesar salad made for hot, sweaty days is a bit pointless now and instead we should opt for more substantial warm meals. Most of these foods can be cooked in the evening for the whole family before the left-overs are taken to school or work the following day. Here are a few examples:

Hot Soup

If your work place has nowhere to warm up your healthy and nutritious soup, invest in a thermal flask to keep it hot throughout the day. Our favourites for the winter include chicken and vegetable, tomato, minestrone and pumpkin. Also, take a slice of wholemeal bread for the dipping.

Pasta Bake

This is a great option for keeping your body full and warm. Ideas include bolognaise pasta bake, or for the vegetarians – pumpkin, and eggplant and spinach- just place in a thermal flask and off you go. It also makes a perfect night time meal for the whole family but make sure it’s wholemeal!

Mini Quiches

Create a big batch of these on Monday and pop them into your lunchboxes for the rest of the week. Quiches are a great way of packing all the essential vegetables into your diet such as broccoli and spinach. Plus, the kids will love them.

Hot Curry

There’s always left over curry whenever I cook it for the family so make sure it doesn’t go to waste by packing into a thermal lunchbox. Ensure you follow a healthy recipe so your double dosage of curry is guilt-free!

Winter Wraps

Why not use your usual salad ingredients and make a warm winter wrap. Ensure it’s wholemeal to benefit from the hearty goodness inside and fill with chicken, spinach, avocado, hummus and wholegrain mustard. It doesn’t have to be warm either – it tastes just as good cold!


All of these ideas will last you a full week and will keep you feeling warm in the process. If you want to cut down on the calories, try filling up with herbal and fruit teas. Each of these contains around four calories and really help in making you feel full.

Have you tried our winter warmer recipes? Or maybe you have some of your own recipes that you’d like to share with us? Feel free to comment below and engage with other Butterfly Direct members!