Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but it’s strange how we all celebrate it in different ways. Yes, they’ll be some of you that spoil their partner with expensive gifts and romantic gestures. However, others may not buy their loved ones anything at all! Then they’ll be the singletons out there who are searching desperately for love and may have a special date on the cards. But, what about the ones who are perfectly happy being alone and wouldn’t change it for the world? At Butterfly Direct, we realise that everybody is different, which is why we’ve complied this special Valentines guide for every woman out there!


If you’re happily in a relationship and you’re stressing over what to get your other half – don’t worry! We know that you’re probably running out of things to buy him by now. After all, it is your seventh Valentine’s Day together, and you could have sworn that Christmas was only last week?  We’ve compiled a list of gifts for every budget.

Is your partner a music lover?  Then buy him this fantastic ‘You Tug At My Heart Strings’ Guitar Plectrum from Not On The High Street. It’s made from solid pewter, looks pretty stylish, and for only £15, it’s a bargain!

Maybe your man has to work away a lot? Try buying him this Personalised Leather Effect Men’s Wash Bag for £22, and again from Not On The High Street. It can be personalised with his initials so no-one’s going to be stealing his favourite aftershave, and it be bought in brown or black.

While we’re on the subject of aftershave, Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million fragrance has a classic masculine scent with notes of peppermint, cinnamon, and Amberketal. It also comes in a swanky gold bottle for only £39.45!

Finally, if you’re budget can stretch a bit further, then try the new Fujifilm Mini 90 Instant Camera. It’s great if your man loves taking photos and it will be much better quality than his phone.


So you’ve decided that you’re ready for love, but you haven’t quite found Mr Right yet. What better way to wow the man of your dreams, than by taking him out for Valentines Day this year. Yes, your heard correctly. So pluck up the courage and ask that fit, strapping hunk you keep making eye contact with on the way to work. It may be the best thing you ever did. Here are a few of our date ideas.

Watch the footy – yes this may seem like the worst idea for a date ever. But, hear us out. You will no doubt earn massive brownie points, plus you’ll be able to eat food and drink alcohol. It will also be possible to tell whether he’s really interested in you, or whether he’s only there for the football.

Go to the movies – this may seem a little unoriginal for a first date, but you can actually watch a film you want to watch. He’s not going to say no, and if he turns out to be boring, you don’t have to make awkward conversation.

Go to a comedy show – hopefully your husband-to-be likes to laugh (we hope so anyway). So what better place to get your mood elevated than by going to a comedy show. There will be plenty in your local area and is the perfect place to get to know someone!


And finally, for all those who couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day. Why willow in self-pity when you can use the time wisely to focus on yourself? Here are some ideas to make Valentine’s Day your best yet!

Pamper yourself

Spend the night by unwinding from the long day you’ve had and run a relaxing bubble bath. Try using scented candles, open that box of chocolates that have been sitting there since Christmas, and watch a film afterwards.

Go out with all your singleton friends

You’re not going to be the only one without a man out of your friend group. So organise a night out – go for a nice meal and some cocktails at your local restaurant.

Go shopping

Think of all the money that you would be spending if you had a partner. It would be quite a lot when you combined presents and a meal in the evening. So why not spend that money entirely on yourself! Go shopping and buy gifts that are better than any man could choose!

What’s your relationship status this Valentine’s Day? Have you been inspired by some of our ideas? Feel free to comment below and engage with other Butterfly Direct members!