Hopefully you’re already noticing improvements from our 6 weeks till summer promotion. Following a healthy diet is the most important aspect in achieving your goals. However, that doesn’t mean exercising should be overlooked. During dieting, reduced calories will lower your metabolic rate, and therefore delay weight loss. But regular exercise has been proven to increase metabolic rates, burn more calories, and help you lose weight. It’s evident that the two go hand in hand. So we’ve put together a small exercise guide that you can rely on this summer!

Exercising on holiday

Yes, you’re on holiday and you just want to relax. But, you’ve also come so far in achieving your amazing beach body. We’ve put together some quick exercises that you can perform in your hotel room, near the pool, or on the beach. They’re so simple, plus they’ll ensure you don’t lose any progress while you’re basking in the sun!

Press-ups: This is easily one of the world’s most popular exercise – and for good reason. It targets your arms, chest, and shoulders, and don’t be afraid to do it on your knees if you’re struggling.

How to: Put the palms of your hands slightly wider than shoulder length on the floor. Extend your legs out behind you and go onto your toes or knees. Keep your body completely straight so it’s parallel with the floor. You should not have your bottom sticking up in the air. Slowly lower your body down so your face is just above the floor. Explode back up into your starting position and repeat. Try performing three sets of 10 on this exercise.

Wall-squat: This exercise is great for strengthening your bottom and legs. It involves squatting and holding the position for as long as possible.

How to: Stand with your back about a foot from the wall. Touch the wall behind you and slide down until your knees are a 90 degree angle with your hips. With your heels on the floor, and your feet slightly apart, maintain this position for as long as you can. Perform three sets of this exercise to failure.

The Plank: This is a great exercise for core strength and stability.

How to: Head into the same position as the press-up position. However, this time you need to use your elbows for support instead of your palms. Keep your body completely straight, tense your abs, and maintain the position for as long as possible.

Other ideas for a healthy, fun-packed holiday

The exercises we explained above are great if you’re pushed for time. However, there are alternatives to make your holiday even more enjoyable. Of course you can do these by yourself, but getting the family involved will definitely increase the fun!

When in Rome

Well, it doesn’t have to be Rome. Most places across the world will have activities on offer. Many summer sports are great for the body as they work all of your muscles, plus they’re generally low-impact. If there’s a great beach nearby, why not try surfing, or stand-up paddle boarding. These are great sports for your leg muscles and will improve your balance. Other great suggestions include swimming, sailing, kayaking, bush walking, beach running. Even sightseeing is beneficial as you will walk a lot more than you realise!

Come prepared

There are many DVDs of great workouts that you can perform in your hotel room. Maybe even bring your iPad or download some apps on your phone? Try performing these as soon as you wake up in the morning too. It will leave you feeling energised for the rest of the day and will also release mood-increasing endorphins.

And if you still can’t stay away from the gym…

Even though there are some great suggestions here so you won’t need to go the gym, some of us just can’t help ourselves. It’s certainly not a bad thing though. A lot of hotels will have a gym room that you can use most hours of the day. Just 20 minutes on the treadmill will make a difference to your mood. Plus, you can even dunk yourself into the pool to cool down afterwards!

Have you been inspired by our holiday workout suggestions? Admittedly, exercising on holiday won’t be for everybody, but if you’ve got any ideas that you’d love to share with us then get in touch! Simply comment below to engage with other Butterfly Direct members!