What a beautiful last couple of days we have been experiencing here in the UK. Temperatures have reached as high as 25C (77F) in some parts of the country, and it’s a far cry from the ‘beast from the East’ that doesn’t seem too long ago. This weather isn’t expected to stay around for long, however, so we’re going to give you a few tips on how to make the most of it.

Have you tried our tanning tablets yet?

Admittedly, the cold winter hasn’t been the right environment to gain maximum results. But, now the sun is shining, why not see what all the fuss is about? Everyone looks and feels better with a healthy glow, so what better way to get us in the mood for the upcoming holiday season.

How do they work?

It’s best to take them around two weeks before your holiday in order to stimulate the production of melanin. The sun exposure to your skin is vital to help your body tan, as without this, melanin cannot be produced. Don’t worry, though, sunbeds will work just as well for those cloudy days. By the time you’ve arrived at your destination, it will already look like you’ve been there for weeks!

tempting tan supplements for girls


But what activities can I do this weekend?

There’s no doubt that the warmer weather and longer days can help us enjoy more outdoor activities. Plus, the kids will be exciting to play in the sunshine. Here is a list of activities we have compiled that you can take advantage of.

Enjoy a picnic in the park

Nothing creates more memories than a sunny, family picnic in the park. Your kids will love it, and you can even take some sporty activities to get involved in – ensuring you have a fun workout at the same time. Try taking healthy snacks so you don’t feel guilt afterwards!

Pub, anyone?

A firm favourite of ours here at Butterfly Direct is a sociable gathering in a nice beer garden.  It’s great if you live next to any countryside pubs or ones situated by rivers and canals. Most will have a play area for your little ones, and it will allow you to enjoy a nice glass of wine while you plan your next vacation. It’s a little bit naughty…but you deserve it.

Eat ice cream

It doesn’t feel right eating ice cream on a cold winter’s day. Which means you probably haven’t enjoyed it for a long time? Before the sun disappears again, take the family to a local ice cream parlour. All that work at the gym will allow you at least one cheat afternoon…

Go for tea and cake

Try searching for a tea room that has an outdoor area. This may not be one for the kids, but it doesn’t mean you can’t go with your partner or friends. Nothing will chill you out more, and should be healthy snack options if you want to stay on track of your goals.

Go for a walk

We all know the benefits of walking for our health.  It can help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent serious conditions such as heart disease, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve our mood. So why not make it a regular occurrence with your family? It’s great fun if you’ve got a route close to you in which you can enjoy the countryside. Just make sure you remember sun cream!

Play Golf

More and more women are starting to enjoy golf than ever before. Take your whole family to short courses around the UK for a fun day out. Not only will you put your whole body into use, you will also walk a lot more than you realise. Most courses will have options to play nine holes or the full 18, and it’s a great way to meet new friends.

Test yourself

If you’re feeling a little bit more daring, try some adventure activities, such as climbing, abseiling, coasteering, or coracle sailing. These will surely test your physical ability, but you may actually discover something you love and can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Has this mini-heatwave got you excited for the summer? Have you been inspired by some of our great ideas? Use the section below to engage with other Butterfly Direct members!