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Fat Blocker

Weight-Loss Supplements To Block Fat Absorption

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  • Description
  • Your body requires a certain amount of fat every day to function.
    However, over-consumption of fat means an over-consumption of calories (fat has 9 calories per gramme), which in turn becomes physical fat on the body.

    If you’re tired of seeing your waistline increase, or your thighs expand – then we recommend trying our Fat Blocker capsules.

    These capsules block 30-50% of the fat you intake by forming a layer on the stomach lining. This binds with the fat, passing it undigested through the body. No other nutrients are affected.

    PLEASE NOTE: To ensure it forms a lining on stomach take at least 30 mins before food with plenty of water.

  • Product Details
  • Capsules

    60 Capsules

  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients

    Vitamins A, E and D3
    Prickly pear – this high-fibre content produces a feeling of ‘fullness’ as it passes through the body unabsorbed.
    Powerful antioxidants – shown to lower blood glucose, helping to reduce cravings and steady energy levels throughout the day, as well as increase calorie burn and fat oxidation.

  • Additional Information
  • Additional Information

    These are gentle on your system as they work to prevent fat from being absorbed into the intestinal system. Quite simply, they aid your weight loss programme, providing the potential to lose one extra 1lb, along with every 2 lbs that you lose by dieting. That’s 1/3 extra weight loss, just by taking a tablet!

    We know that women need a more gentle approach to health than the majority of men. We are not built the same, and we don’t function the same, and that’s why we chose this particular brand of fat blocker.

    Taking a fat blocker means you don’t have to reduce the amount of fat you eat on a normal basis – the tablet does it for you! It works gently on the system as it binds the excess fat, preventing it from being processed through the colon. And because you’re taking a gentle brand of capsule, it also limits the potential for any unpleasant side-effects that many harsher brands may have.

    Of course, it still helps to be aware that there may be a few side effects, such as gas, increased bowel movements, oily stools or oily discharge, but this is nothing to worry about. Not everyone experiences these symptoms by any means. However, if you do, and it becomes a problem, all it means is that you just need to reduce your fat intake.