It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (everywhere we go… sorry, got a little carried away) – and everybody is slowly getting into the spirit. There’s no doubt that most of us have got our trees up in the window and the kids are counting down the days until Santa arrives with a bag full of presents (or coal, maybe?). But it’s worth pointing out that we don’t have to spend huge in order to have the best Christmas yet. There’s too much social pressure and stigma that we have to spend a lot and beat last year’s gifts for it be a successful one. But thoughtful and meaningful presents are always the best!

Perfect beauty gifts

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Try and give a little more

Even if you do a lot for society and charities already, Christmas is a good time to do a little more if possible. Showing you care is just as good as giving and it’s a time where we should be looking out for others. So take a little time out to check on elderly neighbours during the cold nights where they may not have any family to look out for them.

Or maybe try helping a charity?

There’s a campaign running at the moment called One Million minutes who are asking people to pledge some of their time in order to help young people. This time of year can be especially difficult and challenging for people who are lonely or missing someone. Just a small act of kindness or a friendly chat could make the world of difference and you will feel good knowing you’ve helped someone in need. Find out more about how you can help and donate to a worthy cause at

Donate a present this year

It’s also worth taking a little time to think about the homeless people this Christmas. The Salvation Army are running a Christmas present appeal where they are asking people to donate new unwrapped toys and gifts for children who may not receive a gift this year. You can offer presents for children up to 16 years of age and examples are given on their website. To find out more visit

Here are a few other ideas on how we can help others this Christmas:

Bake cakes and other tasty goods that you can sell on stalls and events. The money that you earn can be put to the charity of your choice.

Here’s one for the animals – buy cat and dog food, and litter for your local RSPCA or volunteer at your local animal shelter for the animals in need this Christmas.

Make baby blankets for your local hospital. These are easy to sew and are a great help for the very busy doctors and nurses at this time of year.

Take time to think about our soldiers who aren’t with their families this Christmas. Simple things like shampoo, hand sanitizer, magazines, deodorant etc are all things that we take for granted but would be greatly appreciated by our armed forces if we could send them over.

One thing that charities seriously lack is wrapping paper for the presents they hand out every Christmas. Even if you cannot afford to give a gift, donating wrapping paper will be extremely appreciated.

Obviously time is precious this time of year and we struggle to find it with our busy work load and events. But even a little thoughtful gesture can go a long way and will be more appreciated than you’ll ever know!

Have you got any ideas on how to make somebody’s Christmas? Or maybe you’ve been inspired by our blog and wish to share your stories of generosity? Feel free to comment below and engage with other Butterfly Direct members!