With the warm weather definitely upon us, it’s inevitable that we’re going to wear fewer clothes. It’s goodbye to those winter coats and boots, and hello to shorts and summer dresses. However, with more skin showing, we can also feel a bit uncomfortable and insecure in our bodies. We seem to be eradicating the stigma that every woman should be a size 0 – and rightly so – but it’s normal in wanting to feel and look the best we possibly can. It’s always nice to receive a compliment now and again and it does wonders for our confidence.  So that’s why we’ve put together some products of ours that will ensure you’re looking super sexy this summer!

Target that extra fat with Dynamite Burn!

We’ve all been there. It seems we’ve had months and months to lose that extra stone for a special occasion, but suddenly it’s just around the corner. Our fat burners are great if you want to get rid of weight in a short amount of time.

dynamite burn slimming pills


How do they work?

These capsules contain a combination of natural ingredients like caffeine and raspberry ketones that work together by supressing the appetite. It also increases energy levels by stimulating the metabolism.

How to take them

Like with a lot of supplements, Dynamite Burn should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise programme. It’s also a good idea to resist temptation from any unhealthy food that may hinder your progress. Fat burners may reduce your appetite and cancel out feelings of imaginary hunger, but it won’t change your mindset when you’re challenged with a specific weakness. If cakes are your worst enemy, avoid any routes that contain bakeries!

Don’t overdo it though!

Never take fat burners in excess of their recommended dose. They won’t have any added benefits and they are a stimulant so please be cautious. Also bear in mind that taking anything for too long will only cause its beneficial effects to lessen. Remember, Dynamite Burn is a temporary aid to reach a specific goal!



Citrus aurantium (known as bitter orange) – increases metabolic and fat breakdown rate.

L-Tryptophan – an amino acid that decreases appetite and makes you feel fuller.

Raspberry ketones – increases fat breakdown and metabolism.

L-Tyrosine – this is an amino acid stimulant that eases fatigue.

Niacin/Vitamin B3 – helps to covert carbohydrates into energy.

Target those cravings with Fibre Fit!

Do you find it hard to resist a second serving? Or do you struggle with portion control? Perhaps you can’t say no to those tempting unhealthy snacks. Well, Fibre Fit may just be your answer! These capsules have the ability to hold liquid and will swell your stomach – tricking the body into thinking it is full. Ultimately, they give you control back over your body.


Sounds interesting – how do they work?

Glucomannan is the main ingredient in our Fibre Fit capsules and they have an exceptional ability to absorb water. Along with helping to reduce cravings, it also absorbs some dietary fat. Another benefit is that it delays the emptying of the stomach so you remain full for longer. The extra fibre is then released by the body through the natural route. This cleansing effect has also been said to help with medical woes such as reducing cholesterol, helping control blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes, and constipation.

How to take

It is essential that you take this supplement with plenty of water to ensure its effectiveness. If you don’t drink enough water, the fibre can cause problems with your digestive system such as blockages. Also, take the product around 15-30 minutes before each meal. Remember that – like most weight loss products – Fibre Fit won’t work in isolation. The only way to gain maximum results and to see noticeable improvements is to combine it with a healthy diet and regular exercise.


Glucomannan 500mg – also known as Kojac Root, it is one of the most effective fibres known.


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