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How to beat post-holiday blues


It’s coming to the end of the summer now and hopefully we’ve all been away for a relaxing week or two. There’s no better feeling then unwinding from the stress of normal life and soaking up the rays at a beautiful location. But when we return back home, we tend to experience post-holiday blues. We [...]

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Coping with a diet when in a relationship


We all know how hard it can be to cope with our diet when in a new relationship. How many times has it been a bit too easy to cave into that takeaway, or eat out at restaurants more than we probably should? It has been proven that the more serious a relationship is, the [...]

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The effects of exercise on stress


We’re all aware that exercising regularly has a number of useful benefits for our body, including improving muscular and cardiorespiratory fitness, reducing the risk of serious health problems, and also helping us to manage our weight. But, did you know that it can also help reduce stress? In 2013, a major study by Bupa revealed [...]

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How to make healthier choices at the supermarket


We all have good intentions to fill our shopping trolley up with healthy food at the supermarket, but very rarely does it end up that way. It’s all too easy for us to get tempted in to our usual bad choices, and this means we’ll often select a mixture of healthy and unhealthy food for [...]

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How to enjoy exercise while on holiday


We’re in full swing holiday mode now. The kids are off school and we’re all looking forward to a week or two in the basking sunshine. However, it isn’t an excuse to completely forget about exercising. There’s no point spending the last few months trying desperately hard to achieve that beach body, only for you [...]

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How playing outdoor sports can benefit our body


England’s women are doing wonders in this summer’s Euro 2017 tournament and it serves as great motivation to play some outdoor sport yourself. Did you know that exercising outside burns more calories due to resistance from the wind? Plus, it’s a great for reducing stress and fresh air helps release serotonin – the feel good [...]

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How to enjoy your summer holidays healthily


We’re smack bang in the middle of summer now which only means one thing – our holidays are just around the corner! Whether you’re planning on taking the family abroad or hoping you can get lucky and catch some sun somewhere in the UK, it’s a time we all look forward to.  However, it’s inevitable [...]

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How weight training can transform your body


Most of us know that regular cardio at the gym is fantastic for burning calories and losing weight. Research has proven it’s great for your heart, lungs and circulatory system, plus it can help release endorphins that can help you relieve stress and make you feel happy. But, have you ever considered weight training? You may [...]

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Wimbledon inspired health tips


Wimbledon 2017 has finally started which means we’ll be watching a lot more tennis during the next couple of weeks and, of course, passionately cheering on Britain’s best hopes. Andy Murray and Johanna Konta lead the way for the men’s and women’s hopes respectively, but what healthy (and slightly naughty) tips can we pick up [...]

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