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Fast-track your Summer Body


With the warm weather definitely upon us, it’s inevitable that we’re going to wear fewer clothes. It’s goodbye to those winter coats and boots, and hello to shorts and summer dresses. However, with more skin showing, we can also feel a bit uncomfortable and insecure in our bodies. We seem to be eradicating the stigma [...]

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Target Your Summer Beach Body


What a great last couple of weeks we have had since our last blog. It’s not even summer yet but the weather has been gorgeous! Plus, who could forget the wonderful Royal wedding where we saw Meghan Markle in her beautiful dress. Maybe you’ve got a special occasion to attend over the coming months and [...]

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Summer Exercise Guide


Hopefully you’re already noticing improvements from our 6 weeks till summer promotion. Following a healthy diet is the most important aspect in achieving your goals. However, that doesn’t mean exercising should be overlooked. During dieting, reduced calories will lower your metabolic rate, and therefore delay weight loss. But regular exercise has been proven to increase [...]

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6 Weeks till Summer


Woohoo! It’s only six weeks until summer. Now, you’re probably dreading the thought of stripping down to your bikini on a scorching hot beach. But we’re here to ensure your body is looking its ultimate best these coming months! We’re currently running a Facebook campaign that aims on achieving your health and beauty goals called [...]

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Ultimate Valentine’s Day Guide


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but it’s strange how we all celebrate it in different ways. Yes, they’ll be some of you that spoil their partner with expensive gifts and romantic gestures. However, others may not buy their loved ones anything at all! Then they’ll be the singletons out there who are searching [...]

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