It’s coming to the end of the summer now and hopefully we’ve all been away for a relaxing week or two. There’s no better feeling then unwinding from the stress of normal life and soaking up the rays at a beautiful location. But when we return back home, we tend to experience post-holiday blues. We struggle to get used to our lives again that aren’t filled with the pleasurable activities that we get used to every day on holiday. However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. We’re here to give you tips on how you can stay feeling summary even as we approach autumn!

Find something to look forward to

A lot of the time, we will be so excited for our holiday that, when it’s over, we suddenly have nothing else to look forward to. Avoid this by planning your weeks and months ahead, even after your holiday. A lot of the time this can be social occasions and gatherings with friends, or maybe you have got a personal goal you want to achieve, such as learning a new language, or something small, like completing an exciting book. Make a list of enjoyable activities and make sure to schedule them into your life.

Stay healthy

We inevitably eat and drink more while on holiday due to the increase in partying and socialising. However, getting back to our usual diet and regular exercise will help to decrease the feeling of sadness. It has been proven that physical activity and eating the correct foods can elevate our mood. Even just 15-20 minutes of light jogging per week can work wonders. (Take a look at our blogs on Healthy Foods To Help Look Our Best and How Playing Outdoor Sports Can Benefit Our Body)

Schedule friends and family time

There’s a very high chance that you’ve gone on holiday with either your friends or family (or both), and these are the people who are always going to be there for you. Fantastic memories are made when we’re away so give yourself the chance to reminisce, whether this is over quality time spent at dinner, or over coffee at lunchtimes. If you feel you may have spent too much time with your friends and you fancy a break, try meeting new people at the gym or hobby classes.


A lot of people complain that they actually feel more lethargic when they return from a holiday. This could be due to the long distance walking, increased alcohol intake and more food consumption. Try giving yourself a couple of days before you return to work for some ‘me time’. Relax at a local spa or even try a long hot bath to recapture your energy.

We’d like to know what you do differently on holiday that’s different to the norm? Maybe you like to read a novel or gossip mag in piece on the beach? Also, have you any other ways than ours that you have found beats the post-holiday blues? Feel free to comment below and engage with other Butterfly Direct members.