It’s only three days until Christmas and hopefully you’ve completed all your shopping, broke up from work and you’re enjoying time relaxing and getting in the festive spirit. If you’re still rallying round and stressing for last minute presents, try Amazon Prime who are now promising delivery in under two hours – it’s a lifesaver! We’ve focused our blog on a healthy lifestyle this year and it’s the best way to feel good about ourselves and keep our body in good, working order. But we’re also realistic about the chances of your enjoying a tipple or two over the festive period. After all – tis the season to eat, drink and be merry! If you’re heading over to any Christmas markets then try out the mulled wine and cider which you probably know about already. It’s the best way to stay warm – along with wearing layers of clothes, of course – and they go down lovely with a healthy slice of orange. If the cold manages to defeat you then you can always try a fancy bar that makes Christmas-inspired cocktails. Here are a few that we’ve discovered ourselves!

Christmas Negroni – this classic Italian cocktail is given a festive feel by infusing your gin with wintery spices. Served in old fashioned whiskey glasses, this drink is the perfect tipple to warm you up.

Christmas Punch – this old-school punch is given a festive flavour by including clementine juice, Benedictine liquor, whiskey or cognac, and cranberry juice.

Christmas Alexander – drinks struggle to get more decadent than this beautiful brandy cocktail made with fresh double cream and almond milk. Delish!

Winter Sidecar – this brandy-based cocktail is a firm favourite for many but it’s given a festive feel by adding clementine juice, and rubbing ground cinnamon to the rim of the glass.

Prosecco Cocktail – Everybody loves prosecco, but adding cognac, angostura bitters and sugars will ensure to give it a Christmassy touch.





Now we’ve talked about having a good time over the Christmas period, it’s only right we discuss the dreaded hangover. One of the reasons we feel so bad the morning after is because of the amount of ethanol in your drinks. This is a toxic chemical and works as a diuretic which means you will have to go to the toilet more and therefore you become dehydrated. This lack of water in your body is the main causes of your hangover and results in headache, fatigue, nausea, lack of appetite and thirst.  If you’re one of the 23% of people in the world who don’t experience hangovers then lucky you! However, if you’re not (like me), then there are some evidence-based ways that you can try and prevent this feeling of the world ending before it’s actually happened:

It may sound obvious but try to drink in moderation. It’s not always essential to have that one last drink but it’s probably going to make you feel worse in the morning. That’s if you haven’t had three bottles of wine already.

When alcohol is produced, side products called congeners are also formed, and these include toxins such as methanol, isopentanol and acetone. Drinks that are high in congeners seem to make the effects of a hangover worse than those with low amounts. So try and avoid whiskey, cognac and tequila. Bourbon Whiskey is incredibly high in congeners too.

Try drinking a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink in order to avoid dehydration. Although it isn’t the main cause of hangovers, it still can contribute to headaches, fatigue, thirst and dry mouth the morning after.

But what if find yourself waking up in the morning having forgot to plan ahead?

Make sure you get enough sleep after a night of heavy drinking. Although it isn’t directly associated with hangovers, it can contribute to fatigue and irritability that happens the day after.

Hair of the dog actually works! While we don’t recommend it as it is strongly associated with alcoholism, drinking more alcohol the morning after is believed to affect the metabolism of methanol – which is hugely responsible for hangover symptoms. Try a pint of Guinness which is full of iron!

Sometimes you may have low levels of blood sugar and this may be associated with weakness and headache. Try having a nutritious breakfast such as asparagus with soft boiled eggs as this has been proven to break down the toxins in our body. If you’re really brave you can try a glass of whisked raw eggs!

Many hangovers are thought be caused by low-grade inflammation as it helps repair body tissue damage. So try plant-based foods and medicinal herbs that may help prevent feeling so down. Supplements include red ginseng, ginger and prickly pear.

Have you got any proven hangover remedies that will make your Christmas more enjoyable this year? Feel free to share your with other Butterfly Direct members by commenting below!